I've been composing music and lyrics for over 30 years. The majority of my work has been in advertising where I have written numerous jingles for clients such as Coca Cola, General Motors, Schweppes, Dunhill, Nigerian Airways and many more.

As a lyricist I have worked with other composers on projects for BBC radio or for conferences and trade shows.

Some years ago I was commissioned by a large publishing company to write several songs about dinosaurs for a children's video, called 'Fun,Fact and Fantasy'. Excerpts get played quite a lot on Youtube!

In recent years I have been writing mainly library music as well as songs and music for TV programmes.

If you would like more information please do get in touch.

Max Brittain is the highly talented arranger and orchestrator who had worked on many of my big band and orchestral pieces:  max@guitarwise.co.uk


A recent American video featuring my music and lyrics. The 'Casablanca' section.

Hear more of my music on Spotify

My Dinosaur songs can be found on Youtube - search for

'Dinosaurs - Fun, Fact and Fantasy'